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Our Story

The Beginning

Illumentia started when four strangers' paths unexpectedly intersected. Due to shared life experiences, endurances, and heads filled with a desire to find a community that represented them, they came together and began telling their truth. As these bonds grew, they each knew they could bring something to the table, tangible expertise that could become the basis to create a wider database of knowledge-sharing, mentoring, and community building. They could help others overcome barriers that at first seemed insurmountable, but with a little training and a change in perspective, success would be achieved.


Illumentia is hard at work collecting research on a variety of important issues ranging from power dynamics and DEI training to holistic approaches and scientific methods, that can be distilled into an ever-growing list of training modules that encourage long-term change within a person. 

We hope to see a vast, organic network of brilliant people come together and share their obtained knowledge with others, giving back to their communities, and changing society, one step at a time.

The Future

Virtual Team Meeting

Our Mission

Illumentia focuses on fostering and nurturing a diverse, equitable, and inclusive culture and a productive working environment within communities and organizations through training and leadership development programs using the 3Es approach: Enlighten, Empower and Engage.

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