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Happier Life. Harmonious Work.


Welcome to Illumentia

Il·lu·men·tia (iˈlo͞oməntee-a):

To illuminate the mind.

At Illumentia, we are striving to empower individuals to reach their highest potential and lead happier and more productive lives.

The Three E's of Illumentia

With this three-step process, you can successfully achieve the results you desire when you select any of our programs.



Knowledge is power

We offer highly interactive and enriching curriculum derived from real-life scenarios and conveyed in easy-to-understand methods, along with scientifically designed assessments to measure the progress of individuals and organizations alike.

Tackle every obstacle that comes your way

We design practical leadership training to help accelerate individual and organizational growth as well as create meaningful impact within local businesses and communities.





Create a more equitable tomorrow!

We believe that giving back and paying it forward is truly the fastest way to build a harmonious and inclusive team culture. We offer opportunities for people to share, mentor, coach, and become inspired to empower others.

Image by Federica Giusti

"The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don't have any."


Alice Walker

Our Services

Power Assessment

We offer the most in-depth surveys and assessments in order to provide the best possible custom solutions, as well as track your indvidual learning progress.

community engagement

We understand how important it is to have a strong foundation and support system. The Illumentia community offers various ways to get engaged, receive long-term support, and celebrate each other's growth.

Customized Solutions

  Illumentia offers a variety of specialized courses that range from leadership training, empowerment, and diversity and inclusion, to simply navigating the workplace as a minority. 

Progress Monitoring

We track the progress of each of our clients, helping them course-adjust if needed and providing up to date recommendations throughout their learning journey.

 Everyone can live up to their full potential

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